The Central Valley and Mexico have a lot in common in terms of water…

I got the opportunity to give a presentation at the World Water Forum in Mexico City at the alternative forum.  The official forum, I didn’t participate.  We actually made a point to boycott that because it was for the rich folks, people who had the money to get into the forum.  They would pay I believe 300 dollars, so clearly the majority of the constituents of Mexico were not able to join the official forum.  I was able to give a presentation at the alternative forum. To be Mexicana and speak in my own native tongue in Mexico to make people aware of this issue in Mexico, it was very important to me. I was able to connect with people who understood what I was doing, but they were working on the south part of the border, right?  And I made the point to say, “Even though you’re in Mexico, don’t believe that we don’t have the same issue in the Central Valley.  As a matter of fact, we do and it’s probably worse.” I think the Central Valley and Mexico have a lot in common in terms of water, and it was really inspiring to see that connection in Mexico City.  I was hugely inspired by the mobilizing.  They did a big marcha and it was endless.  It was like thousands and thousands of people who marched for, I don’t know, 15 miles, but it seemed like a never ending snake of people. The indigenous movement in Mexico was so apparent in this march – it was inspiring.  To see the indigenous people in Mexico guiding the march, talking about the issues of privatization of water and contamination… it just hit home.  It’s happening there, and it’s happening here.  And to make the connection across the border was very important for me. So it was great to hear about Bolivia’s cause, to hear about South America and how people are really mobilizing, and people down on the border are mobilizing with very little money, very little resources, yet they’re making some major impacts. And here on the ground, we may not have a lot of money, but we’re gaining momentum.

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