Tracy Perkins, Project Director and Photographer @teperkins
Ph.D. Candidate – Sociology Department, UC Santa Cruz
Board Member – Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Web Design and Support:

  • Tyler LaGue, John Muir Institute of the Environment
  • Allen Gunn and Misty Avila, Aspiration @aspirationtech
  • Grant Kinney, GMK Design

Faculty Advisors:

Kairos Theater Ensemble:

  • John Chung, Director
  • Ben Rivers, Actor
  • Dara Kaufmann-Ledonne, Actress
  • Deborah French Frischer, Actress
  • Jason Agar, Actor
  • Veronica Haro, Actress
  • John Kadyk, Musician

Interpreting and Translation:

Mateo Rutherford and Roy Rojas from Berkeley Interpreting, Translation & Transcription Services, with assistance from Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, Danny Robles and Alejandro Hernandez.

Advisory Committee:


  • Derek Hunziker, Web Design – John Muir Institute of the Environment
  • Jason Huang and Silver Cruz, Web Design Support
  • Maggie La Rochelle, Graduate Student Researcher – UC Davis
  • Sharon Ruth, Publicity – John Muir Institute of the Environment
  • Karli Holler, Financial Manager – John Muir Institute of the Environment
  • Anandi van Diepen, Undergraduate Student Researcher – UC Santa Cruz

Special Thanks:

Thank you to Yvette Flores, Flora Lu, Heath Schenker and Julie Sze for allowing Maggie La Rochelle and Tracy Perkins to test teaching activities in your classrooms. Thank you also to Patrick Archie, Dave Campbell, Leticia Jáuregui Casanueva, Jeff Conant, Gopal Dayaneni, Teresa DeAnda, Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Ken Duckert, Ron Glass, Teresa Kurtak, Jennifer Langdon, Ken Light, Jonathan London, Innosanto Nagara, Bill and Lynette Perkins, Patrick Reinsborough, Ruby Rich, jesikah maria ross, JayLee Tuil, Erik and Liz Vance,  Melanie Willett and the Women’s Foundation of California. Special thanks to the John Muir Institute of the Environment for financial, staff and moral support in getting this project off the ground, and to Aspiration for helping it expand and grow.